HaYesod – Week 1

We had 40+ people at the first HaYesod meeting. Bless the L-rd! We hope to see all of you again this week (Feb 8th).

Just to recap a few things that we learned:

  • The primary source for learning about Israel is the Bible, and the foundation of the Bible is the Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
    • Torah is the foundation because it it G-d’s first revelation to humanity.
    • Torah means “teaching and instruction”. It is G-d’s loving instruction for His people.
    • The Torah serves a role for both believers and non-believers. It is relevant for believers today.
    • The discovery of what it means to be related to the people of Israel is laid out in the Torah.
  • All of our studies in HaYesod will be built upon the foundation of Torah that we will examine in the first lesson
  • Main points for this lesson:
    • The revelation, inspiration, infallibility, inerrancy, and authority of the Bible.
    • The definition(s) of the word Torah.

Our memory verse(s) for the Lesson 1: 2 Timothy 3.16-17

Audio – Week 1 (does not include FFOZ material)

For more information on make-up lessons, go to www.hayesod.org/makeuplesson.

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