HaYesod – Week 2

This week, we heard from Brant and Allen. Brant talked about the purpose for us offering the HaYesod class at this time. Allen gave a testimony about outreach to Orange Mound that the Germantown chavurah is involved in. If you have questions about ways that you, your family, or your chavurah can partner with them, please talk to Allen.

A quick recap of the main points we covered in this week’s HaYesod class:

  • The function of Torah for unbelievers
    • It is a witnessing tool; reveals sin; brings wrath; serves as a pedagogue; and points to Yeshua
  • The function of Torah for believers
    • It trains in righteousness; teaches the lifestyle of godliness; is a source of blessing; and points to Yeshua
  • There are parts of Torah that don’t apply today
    • Death penalty/court-imposed punishments (no Sanhedrin)
    • Animal sacrifices and Levitical laws (no Temple in Jerusalem)
  • The Torah is:
    • A history book; a training manual; a covenant/constitution for Israel; and a ketubah

Our memory verse(s) for the Lesson 1: 2 Timothy 3.16-17

Audio – Week 2 (does not include FFOZ material)

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