HaYesod – Week 3

This week, we started the second lesson in the HaYesod class, “Our Birthright – His Salvation.”

A quick recap of the main points of this week’s class:

  • The origin and purpose of the Passover Seder
  • Grace and law are not opposites–grace and legalism are opposites
    • There’s no “but” in John 1.17
    • Legalism – the incorrect belief that people can earn salvation by being good enough
  • The sinful state of humanity and our need for grace.
    • Legalism doesn’t work because no one is, or can be, good enough (Romans 3.23, 6.23)
  • The Exodus from Egypt was the beginning of Israel’s walk with G-d and our salvation parallels that journey
    • Slaves to Pharaoh = Slaves to Sin (Before Redemption)
    • Slaves to G-d = Slaves to Righteousness (After Redemption)

Our memory verse(s) for the Lesson 2:

[Messiah Yeshua] gave Himself for us so that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and so that He might purify for Himself a chosen people, zealous for good deeds.
 (Titus 2.14)

Audio – Week 3 (does not include FFOZ material)

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