Days of Awe – 2nd Sunset

Days of Awe – 2nd Sunset

Me Too

My friend grabbed me to tell me about her breakthrough. For almost two years, she has warred for her family against division that snuck its way in like a slithering snake and left damage untold. She has limped with the battle wounds. Last night, she sparkled with joy when she told me about her Rosh Hashanah miracle. “I know I have to let this go and move forward. The situation is not reconciled but it is time to let go of past things,” she explained. Then she went on to tell me how she was standing at the back of our synagogue during our Erev Rosh Hashanah service when she received this G-d revelation. Then, moments after she released her grip on the pain of betrayal, she was stunned by this brightness that unfolded before her. She described the colors in the room coming to a fresh vibrance, the notes of the piano here richer than she had remembered in a long time, the atmosphere was alive to her, she breathed in the beauty. She was swept away in His Presence and it almost seemed like a dream. The seaweed of this long battle was no longer clouding her vision, her worship was filled with clear living water.

I was drawn deep into her narrative, I felt the joy emanating from her. I, too, was being filled with this brightness and it channeled into a two word prayer… me too. Me too. Me too! And that two word prayer became my intersession for our community… US TOO!

G-d, wake us up, remove the seaweed, anything that keeps us from seeing the brightness of Your beauty. Where we are dissatisfied, discontented, where we have demands and we don’t even realize it, help us release our grip and climb on the altar where our surrender becomes our revelation and our revelation becomes our hope. “Where the Spirit of L-rd is there is freedom.” (2Co 3.17)

I invite you to sit in self-reflection right now for as many minutes as you have to spare and ask Him what things you have held in your grip that are keeping you from a brighter revelation of His work in you. In you and around you.
In faith-driven bravery, He invites you, as an act of the free will He has given you, to release the grip.


Now breath.

Keep breathing.

Long and deep, nourishing breaths of release.

This is another step of freedom for you, there are more to come.