Days of Awe – 4th Sunset

Days of Awe – 4th Sunset


As I search out places in me that need realignment, there are three that rise to the top. They are situations that need new approach. Situations that aren’t going anywhere any time soon. One situation produces an ongoing grief, one has me completely incensed at the injustice, and one relentlessly tempts me to hopelessness. I rally my inner battle with seemingly ceiling-hindered prayers. The unsettled nights have often left me in twisted sheets, eyes bleary but open. These situations are not going anywhere any time soon and I am ready to retire my old approach for one that is more enlightened. If I am going to be forced to go around this bend in the road again, I want to do it differently, maybe while riding a wheelie or galloping valiantly on a silky black steed. 

In stillness and expectation (James 1.5-8), I am listening to the Counsel-Giver for how to do this differently. Even now He stirs strategy and release for a new way to be in these tired old circumstances.

Since we are galloping along this journey together, I invite you to hover over your life lived, scan for situations or mindsets that keep bringing you to the same unhappy, unhealthy, unfulfilled place. Maybe, start with one place of dissatisfaction.

What is your regular refrain?

I’m alone
I wish I was alone
I thought I would be somewhere different in my life by now
My spouse doesn’t get it
I don’t get it
Anger simmers under the surface all the time
I’m confused
I’m frustrated
I’m exhausted
No one sees
No one hears
I’m overwhelmed
This will never end…

What is one root disappointment that needs a new approach?

Your circumstances may not change, but how you enter the dance with them can take on a dramatically different rhythm. How?

Be still, Shema, listen. Sometimes the answer is whispered in our spirit and sometimes G-d invites us to brainstorm with Him. He is an ingenious problem solver and He gave you a functioning creative mind for a reason. Whatever you do, do not keep going around the same bend in the road and accepting the recurring dysfunction that comes with it.

After some stillness and listening over my three situations, I realized I keep making G-d’s problems my problems. I keep approaching my immediate world as though I need to fix it and I ask G-d to help me. He showed me in the wee hours this morning that these situations are His responsibility and I would do better to ask Him if He wants me to do anything to help Him. After all He is the author of restoration and hope. New approach accepted (I’m ready for that wheelie).

What is your battle? What thing do you keep coming back to? Is it time for a new approach?