Sunsets of Awe – Final Sunset

Sunsets of Awe – Final Sunset


Where we started this journey is where we shall end it, with the final shofar blast. Long and smooth, piercing the darkness and opening our hearts to hope. I have loved watching these ten Sunsets of Awe with you. I will leave you with this final word for the new year. Thrive.
Everything in the Kingdom of G-d is prolific. G-d’s very nature is to make things grow. Even in death, He brings life. If everything in the kingdom is prolific, I must ask myself, am I?  Am I growing, flourishing, expanding? We have spent the last nine days being pruned. Are we ready to truly thrive?

I believe thriving flows from a basic belief. A simple belief that G-d is good and His heart is for you.

Even if you are facing some serious funkiness right now, if you believe at the end of your day that He is genuinely a good G-d- and not just good for other folks – but His heart is for YOU, you will hold on for another day. You will dare to hope, dare to dream, dare to step out. Dare to thrive.

I see this in my youngest daughter. She is, how shall I say, gifted in expression in every way. She was doing pirouettes (turns) in my womb and grand jete’s (leaps) from birth. We are blessed daily with her grand dance presentations. Audience or not, she is completely committed to the performance. As she is dancing across the room, I may see her from the corner of my eye. She dramatically spins, her wild mane of hair whips around for effect. She sees me see her and the dance grows in drama. Her dimpled cheeks beam because I saw her and loved her and she can now take on the world. She trusts that I am good and she knows that I delight in her, and want nothing but good for her. Even if my little girl tumbles and gashes her knee, she will not doubt that truth. How much more is this true of our Abba? He is so deeply good and full of joy at the sight of us. He has so many plans to give us the world. What about all the gashes in our knees? Ah, that is the belief part. My little one sits on the floor holding her wound and looking to me for comfort, because remember, she believes I am good. It wouldn’t cross her mind to be angry at me for the wound, or to turn away from me with the belief that I don’t care. She wouldn’t expect me to abandon her at her time of pain. No, she reaches for me. When we fundamentally believe He is good and desires good for us, we stop blaming Him, we stop with the jaded life perspectives, and the Eeyore victim mentalities. When we BELIEVE in His goodness, we rally the strength to hold on, hope in a new better day, to take risks, be challenged, dance harder. We grow, we dream, we thrive. There is so much power in this one belief. He is good and His heart is for us.

Abba, let that belief water the soil where our dreams like seeds are planted. Let this be the year we flourish in every area of our life. Our false beliefs have been like parched ground. Papa come and break up the ground so Your truth can be planted. Teach us to trust your goodness, and your delight in us, and to thrive at the knowledge of it.

1 Cor 2.9  But as it is written, “Things no eye has seen and no ear has heard, that have not entered the heart of mankind— these things God has prepared for those who love Him.”