Start with the Foundation

Start with the Foundation

Where do we start with our view of the universe? Of life? Of other people? From a Messianic Jewish perspective, I would suggest that we begin with the Scriptures. That idea sounds nice, but in order to begin with Scripture, we must first consider how we engage and approach the entire Scripture. As followers of Messiah Yeshua, we need to know why we believe what we believe in order to own what we believe and change the world.

Scripture was written to a specific audience, in a specific culture at a specific time. Although we are recipients of its wisdom, we are not the original audience. Professor John Walton encourages readers to remember that “The Bible was written for us, it was not written to us.” (reference)

We also need to realize that Scripture itself has a permanent foundation. If it did not, any writing and any person could come along at any point and declare a superseding revelation that replaces the original. The consistency of Scripture provides solid, level ground upon which faith is built and with which our beliefs align — without that consistency, our faith is unstable. If you are willing to join this brief journey, we can explore Seven Supernal (meaning “of exceptional quality”) Truths of Scripture together:

  • Scripture is Foundational Revelation for our life, worldview and faith.
  • Scripture is Divinely Inspired
  • Scripture is Trustworthy
  • Scripture is Our Authority
  • Scripture Does Not Contradict Itself
  • We Obey Scripture Because We Are Saved
  • Scripture is Shaped By Love

For us to really understand Scripture, we have to begin at the foundation and build upwards. The foundation of Scripture is Torah. If we forget this foundation, we have undermined our faith in Messiah. Reading the Apostolic Writings outside of their context, and absent their foundation within the Hebrew Scriptures and Judaism, has led to social and religious contradictions that have wounded the faith of many today. It is time to firm up our foundation. Today, we need to know why we believe what we believe in order to own what we believe and change the world. The world needs the hope of Messiah, so let’s look at our foundation together.