Party!!! — It’s a Rule!

Party!!! — It’s a Rule!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good celebration, a feast, and a PARTY?! On Purim, we are actually commanded to feast, celebrate, and have fun! This is why in Jewish communities there will be many Purim parties.  This is why Brit Hadasha has an Annual Purim Party.

In 2019, it will be on the evening of Wed, March 20th from 6:30 to 9:00 pm. As is traditional, this is a costume party. People often ask why the costumes? Is this the Jewish version of Halloween? Nope. It is because the story of Purim is one of “things hidden.”

Not everything is as it seems in our story. Esther is a Jewess hidden within the women’s court of a pagan king. Haman hides his true intentions and motives, there are secret plots, and in the end a mighty deliverance springs forth from hidden places. This theme is revealed as we disguise ourselves in costumes that make us seem to be not who we are. And let’s be honest, dressing up is FUN… even when you are no longer six years old!

So, join us for the fun and the feasting at this our Purim Party. And remember it is not just fun — it’s a part of the whole Megillah!

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