Sound Renovation

Sound Renovation

We want our worship at B’rit to sound great! We want to hear all the instruments and voices as we praise and worship the L-rd. We want the teaching to be clear and easy for everyone to hear. But there’s something standing in our way… Namely, our sound equipment.

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We’re asking for help as we upgrade the components of our sound system. We’ve got a multi-phase plan that will allow us to improve gradually as we have the resources available to do it. Details for the plan are at the bottom of the page, below the buttons.

We’re going to start by replacing our “main” speakers with speakers that will make the other components of our system sound better. Our goal is to raise $1,200 to add a sub-woofer and to replace the four main speakers.

If you feel lead to be a part of this, please consider making a one-time contribution to help with this first phase of the sound system “renovation”. We’d ask that anything you contribute to this be in addition to your tithe.

To donate, please use the buttons below to designate your offering for this. If you want to contribute more than $100, or less than $25, use the “Donate” button on the second row.

If you’d prefer to place your offering in one of the tzedakah boxes, please write “sound” on the memo line of your check or on the envelope for cash donations.

Multi-phase Plan

We’ve researched our options and, after discussing and praying over them, we’re proposing the following:

  • Add a sub-woofer (expands the range of sound at the low end)
  • Replace the main speakers (single- to dual-element, powered speakers to reduce line noise, to improve mid-range and to extend at the high end); we can do these two at a time, if necessary
  • Replace the on-stage monitors (smaller to reduce clutter; powered to reduce line noise)
  • Replace the sound board and “snake” with digital ones (improves sound quality, simplifies setup and improves consistency week-to-week)