Shabbat Activities

Shabbat Activities

Updated June 27, 2020 — On June 18, 2020, we “reopened” with in-person, weekly services on Thursday evenings with limited seating, masks optional, and social distancing. As of June 26, 2020, masks will now be required due to the newly adopted City ordinance.

We are still planning to gather on Thursday evenings (for at least a few more weeks), but you will need to bring a mask or face covering and will be required by the City of Memphis to wear it while you wait to enter, if there’s a line, as well as while you are inside. Seating will continue to be limited, so please take advantage of our online pre-registration each week.

Updated March 21, 2020 — Until further notice, all in-person activities at B’rit are canceled. We’re making a weekly Shabbat service available for streaming. We’re also sharing questions for Torah study at home and Chavurah groups will be meeting virtually starting this week.

Please continue to check our website and email newsletter for the latest updates.

Pre-COVID-19 information: On Shabbat, we typically have the following activities going on:

  • At 9:00 am, we have a couple of things going on:
    • Our group Torah Study focused on the weekly portion (Parashah) in the Fellowship Hall (large building) and
    • Our “Intercessors for His Glory” meet for a time of worship and Spirit-led prayer in the “Living Room” (small building).
  • Starting at 10:30 am, we have our weekly Shabbat morning service. We have Nursery care for children age 4 and under. After corporate Worship and Torah service, we have Shabbat School for children age 4 to 11.
  • After service, we have a Community Oneg as we delight in the Shabbat and fellowship with one another. It’s an organized, pot bless meal, so contact if you plan to attend.
  • Our Youth Group typically meets twice a month (dates and times are communicated directly to the youth and their parents):
    • Once a month in the afternoon on Shabbat (after service, usually from 1:30-3:30 pm)
    • Once a month on Erev Shabbat