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Gen2Gen Prophetic Conference

Reconnecting the generations and preparing them “for such a time as this.” The G2g team has been to 40 nations, are passionate about the vision, and live the adventure of “living on the edge” for the King!

Daphne Kirk: unfolds fresh truths from Scripture bringing a revolution in homes, churches and ministries. The message, under the power of the Holy Spirit, results in healing between the generations and transformation that will birth a generation of young people and children who:

  • Have an uncompromising passion for Jesus.
  • Take the gospel into every nation.
  • Are intentionally prepared to live victoriously to the end of this age.

She challenges leaders to restore Biblical generational culture to the church focus because “To turn a nation you must take the next generation,” and young people to live radically literally “in such a time as this”!

Daphne is committed to discipling others to take the vision and strategies that God has given her into their own nations and spheres of influence.

Her background is church leadership, social work, counseling and teaching.

Andrew Kirk: has spent his life traveling in and around some of the most dangerous places on earth, with the belief that light was created for darkness. He is inspired by those who are willing to take risks to see The Kingdom of God advanced.

He carries the G2g message, mobilizing & training to prepare generations literally for the days we are living in and those to come.

He is also increasingly focused on the Israel and Middle East initiative of the ministry called L’dor Va’dor,

Andrew is committed to seeing a revolution that will:

  • Release the emerging generations to the nations and see them bring about spiritual, moral and cultural change.
  • Prepare the emerging generation literally “for such a time as this.”
  • See a generation rise up as “men of Issachar who understand the signs of the times and know what to do” (1 Chronicles 12:32).

Daniella Kirk: is founder of Operation Open Eyes, G2g’s anti-human trafficking initiative.

She is an international speaker, consultant, trainer, and pioneer and has been used by God to turn around lives and assist churches as they seek to transform their ministry to this generation.
Her vision is to see:

  • The body of Christ walking with “Open Eyes,” reaching the vulnerable and equipped to restore and bring healing to the broken.
  • Those caught in the sex slave trade rescued and walking the hard path to holistic freedom.
  • Discipleship as a lifestyle and “the hearts of the fathers” turned to the generation coming after them.

People across the world living radically in an uncompromising relationship with their Heavenly Father.

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