Inquirers Class (Oct-Nov 2018)

Inquirers Class (Oct-Nov 2018)

Welcome to the B’rit Hadasha Inquirer’s class!

Over the next four weeks, we pray that you will come to understand us and our community better and catch hold of the excitement and adventure of what G-d is doing in our midst in this unique and wonderful community of the saints.

We’ll be making the assigned materials (or, at least, most of them) available here for your convenience. You should read plan to read the documents immediately below across the four-week class — we’ll be pulling them as we go through the other documents.

Week 1 (Oct 27, 2018)

Week 2 (Nov 3, 2018)

Week 3 (Nov 10, 2018)

Week 4 (Nov 17, 2018)

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