Pursue G-d, Not Control

In this week’s message, Brant highlighted the foolishness of Balak in letting his unfounded fear of Israel control his actions. To avoid repeating Balak’s mistake, we need to pursue G-d and follow His direction, not the illusion of control.

Shelach – Send

This week, we continued our series of messages from Bamidbar (the book of Numbers). In his message, John examined sending the spies into the land and what it meant for the children of Israel and said about their perception of themselves, of HaShem, and of their relationship to Him.

Navigating the Wilderness

This week, we continue with the series “By the Wilderness”. In this week’s message, Trey showed us how our actions can lead us into a wilderness of our own making and that confession, repentance, and reconciliation are the key to restoring relationships. But no matter where the wilderness comes from, we need to remember to cling to Him and to trust Him to protect us, until we figure things out.

By the Wilderness

This week, Brant kicked off a new sermon series, “By the Wilderness”, that coincides with the start of Number, or Bamidar, in the Torah reading cycle. In this week’s message, Brant explored the roles the wilderness plays in the Bible and how they related to Messiah.

How Well Do You Count?

In this week’s message, as we anticipate the arrival of Shavu’ot, Allen poses the question “How well do you count?” as he explores how a believer finds joy in the midst of life’s struggles and losses.

The Woman of Valour

In this week’s message, Brant examines HaShem’s original purpose for women–that is, a well-matched helper for man who was intended to conquer and rule over creation with him–and contrasts that with how ancient and modern cultures have changed the role of women to suit themselves and have stolen from them the valor that HaShem intended.