Servants of Messiah

In Parashah Mishpatim, the Torah transitions from narrative to a law code — it even begins with laws about the painful issue of slavery. With such laws, can Torah have relevance to us today? Brant says the answer is a resounding Yes! Listen in and let’s see the ongoing relevance of Torah for today’s world — especially for the Servants of Messiah.

The World Needs Shabbat

The increase in violence and hateful discourse highlights a culture, our culture, that is coming apart at its seams. The recent attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue confirms that we have reached a breaking point. Our society needs to learn how to rest, how to take a break and gain perspective. G-d has already provided the answer by giving us Shabbat. Brant helps us learn…

Stop the Voices!

Brant taught about the need to choose which voices we listen to–the positive ones or the negative ones. We need to focus on listening to G-d and not allow ourselves to be distracted by negative influences. He encouraged us to examine our own words to ensure that we’re speaking words that encourage and bring light.
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