WOR: Yet All Are Guilty

WOR: Yet All Are Guilty

Yet All Are Guilty – Rom 1:18-32

Sha’ul, Paul, begins his explanation of how we are to walk with a background of how all are guilty. He highlights how all of us, even the pagan Gentiles, have known better. Elder John takes us on this journey of descent in three stages. Paul makes it clear that ALL mankind know ADONAI because of the revelation of Creation and the work of the Holy Spirit in the world. It basically says that He is the light that enlightens every man. 

Look at the descent of all men:

  • They KNEW G-d.  But then they EXCHANGED G-d for images of things.  
  • Then they WORSHIPPED the IMAGES.  
  • Now they are even done with the image.  They DON’T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE G-d anymore.

And this can just as easily be those within the Congregation of Believers. The final result is the behaviors of fallen men in verses 29-32: sins we see all around us, and dare we admit in us, every day

But can we turn this descent around and can it then become an Ascent into the Knowledge and Honor of ADONAI. What would that look like?

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