WOR: G-d’s Judgment on Unrighteousness

WOR: G-d’s Judgment on Unrighteousness

G-d’s Judgment on Unrighteousness – Rom 2:1-16

Sha’ul, in the first chapter of Romans, told us that people seek the lowest level in life unless there is something that comes to turn us around.  Reminding us of the final result in Judgement, he tells us what can turn this around. There is depravity unless people come to repentance—and the kindness of G-d gives us that time to repent. 

So whether we are Jew or Greek, we must repent of our sin and live our lives according to His commandments.  The whole purpose of Romans 2 is for the Jew and the Gentile to realize that it is a LEVEL playing field.  All need to repent and come to Yeshua and live lives according to the Word of G-d.  

We are completely saved by grace folks.  But we are to live lives in such a way that it never breaks the heart of G-d. Don’t cheapen grace and miss the point that we have been created for good works in Messiah Yeshua.

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