WOR: Jewish People Fall Short Too

WOR: Jewish People Fall Short Too

Jewish People Fall Short Too – Rom 2:17-29

One thing that is vital to understanding and applying Romans is that, in Paul’s letter, there are two “kinds” of Jews in view: (1) natural-born Jews and (2) God-fearing Gentiles who have undergone ritual conversion to Judaism to become proselytes. And in this portion, we need to understand that Paul is primarily addressing the proselytes as they have undergone the “works of the Law” to become legally Jewish.

Paul lists a series of characteristics in Rom 2:17-18 that are all good things. He continues by describing how they (the proselytes) see themselves, things that they are sure of… and these are also all good things, too. They are commendable things that they should be doing, things that the Jewish people were called to be doing. 

Can you guess what their problem was? Those things are EXACTLY what Bnei-Yisrael were called to do, but were they actually doing them? 

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