WOR: The Role of Israel, Pt 1

WOR: The Role of Israel, Pt 1

The Role of Israel, Pt 1 – Rom 9:1-18

In Romans 9 we begin a new “unit’ within the Book of Romans that will take us through chapters 9-11. Paul returns now to the question that he asked in Romans 3:1, “What advantage has the Jew?”

We explore the details from chapter nine showing the advantages of the Jew and, from there, explore freewill and the Sovereignty of ADONAI. John explores the connections to Exodus made by Paul in this passage and draws out lessons of G-d’s Justice and His mercy and grace.

G-d is trying to teach us that He is just, but He is also merciful. His mercy and grace are lavished upon those who deserve only justice.  G-d is just, but His justice is encased in His mercy and grace.

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