Building Community Together (Page 2)

Building Community Together (Page 2)

He Equips the Called

In this week’s message, Brant highlighted the principle that G-d isn’t limited by the equipping of the people that He calls on to accomplish His purpose. Instead, He calls those that are willing (eventually) to respond to His call and equips them to do what He’s called them to. Whatever you’re called to do, do to the best of your ability and trust G-d for the results.

Committed to Community

In this week’s message, Brant used the story of Jacob in Gen 28:10-15 to illustrate how, even though he thought that he was along, that G-d was with him and connected him with his future and placed him into community. Are we committed enough to community to reach out to people who are alone and searching for community? Are we willing to let G-d use His gifts through us to…

Community is Rooted in Unity

In this week’s message, Brant used a grove of Sequoia trees to illustrate the importance of unity to health and growth of Community. Sequoia trees can’t mature and realize their full potential without others nearby to support them–and neither can we; like them, we thrive in a community that’s rooted in unity.

Putting Others First

In this week’s message, Trey shared that love is the “engine” that drives Community. When we shift our focus to others through loving, serving, forgiving, building up, encouraging, being kind, and being devoted to them, we find G-d’s purpose for our lives. In putting others first, we find true Community.
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