Sermons by Allen R. (Page 2)

Sermons by Allen R. (Page 2)

Always Be Prepared

On this Shabbat Shuvah, Allen shared about how we should always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within us — our hope in Messiah Yeshua. Part of that hope rests on the decisions we make, and the actions that we take, to walk with G-d and with our Savior, Yeshua. Those decisions and actions are a reflection of what we’ll find when we search our…


In this week’s message, Allen teaches on the importance of living a life that’s characterized by showing kindness to others through our actions (gemilut chesed). Are you part of the TEAM? If not, get started today–without delay!

Parashah Re’eh

In this week’s message, Allen teaches from the Torah portion, Re’eh, and challenges us to answer the question “How’s your vision today?” [Deuteronomy 11.26-16.17]
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