Getting It Right

Getting It Right

Yom Kippur gives us the chance to get it right. Right with HaShem and right with one another. This day is a day of national repentance and cleansing, so that the Jewish people can intercede for all nations during Sukkot.

But, every nation, every kingdom, is made of individuals. Each of us must address our issues individually, so we can address our national sins before The Lord. So, it goes back to getting it right with HaShem and with others.

Actually, Messiah Yeshua taught that we don’t have one without the other. “… if you are presenting your offering upon the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar and go. **First be reconciled to your brother**, and then come and present your offering…. ” He put the responsibility upon us, not the other person!

Yeshua points out that unresolved issues can hinder our relationship with The Lord – Yom Kippur is the time to get it right! Let’s be reconciled with our family and friends and neighbors, so that nothing holds us back from fully being able to lay our offering on the altar. Let’s get it right individually so we can get right with HaShem corporately to change the world for the Kingdom of our G-d and His Messiah.

Originally published Sep 18, 2018