Sermons from 2018

Sermons from 2018

To Be a Blessing

We are all called to be a blessing. 1Jo 3:18 admonishes us to demonstrate our love “in deed and truth.” We are called to community, but we have to find place in our community that allows us to engage and build and serve, so that we can be a blessing and so that our community can be a blessing, too.

Little Children, Love One Another

Yeshua, and his apostles, taught that love is the greatest gift. The New Covenant teaches that G-d’s Spirit will write His commandments on our hearts and will empower us to walk in them, to love G-d and to love one another. This is the only way that G-d’s love, exampled in the life, obedience and sacrifice of Messiah Yeshua, can be formed in us. John reminded…

The Beginning and Sin

In this week’s message, as we begin again in B’reisheet (Genesis), Brant poses the question, “What is sin?”, and asks us to consider the effects of church history, our culture, and our worldview on our answer. Is our answer more complicated than it needs to be? Could the answer be much simpler than we think?

Drawing Near

In this week’s message, Trey looked at the central role that the sacrifices played during the Festival of Sukkot, the Feast of All Nations. After looking carefully at the different kinds of sacrifices, we explorer the point of the Temple sacrifices and looked the vastly different nature and purpose of Yeshua’s sacrifice. In Messiah’s death and…

Shaliach, Mediator, and Heir

In this week’s message, Brant explores the role of Messiah Yeshua as G-d’s faithful shaliach (“sent one”) who represents His interests and calls us to repentance. Yeshua is our faithful mediator because he carries unique favor and gave G-d the glory, even at the cost of his own life. As Kingdom heir, he restores our relationship with the Father, a…

Always Be Prepared

On this Shabbat Shuvah, Allen shared about how we should always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within us — our hope in Messiah Yeshua. Part of that hope rests on the decisions we make, and the actions that we take, to walk with G-d and with our Savior, Yeshua. Those decisions and actions are a reflection of what we’ll find when we search our…

New Covenant in the Torah

In this week’s message, Brant shows us that the message of the New Covenant, the Gospel message, is not first revealed in the Gospels, or even in the words of the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel, but is actually rooted in Torah and can be first seen in Parashah Nitzavim—in Deuteronomy 30.

God Needs You

In this week’s message, our guest speaker Mark Blessing teaches that God needs us, but not in the way we may think. He doesn’t need us for Him to exist or to accomplish His purposes, but He chose to partner with us to accomplish His will. God needs us.. to do our part.