Sermons by Trey C. (Page 2)

Sermons by Trey C. (Page 2)

Drawing Near

In this week’s message, Trey looked at the central role that the sacrifices played during the Festival of Sukkot, the Feast of All Nations. After looking carefully at the different kinds of sacrifices, we explorer the point of the Temple sacrifices and looked the vastly different nature and purpose of Yeshua’s sacrifice. In Messiah’s death and…

Gentiles in the New Covenant

In this week’s message, Trey shifts the focus to the Gentiles in Messiah and the distinction between Jews and Gentiles in Messiah. He reminds us the ADONAI is a G-d of distinctions and that is reflected in the commonwealth of Israel where Jews and Gentiles serve together and worship side-by-side, each in their own, distinctive role.

The Letter and the Spirit of the Law

In this week’s message, Trey explores the history of the Ruach in the Torah and B’rit Chadasha, and its relationship to Torah, finding that together they lead to a life that’s Spirit-led, reflects HaShem’s nature, and bears fruit. Click here for a message summary with study questions.

Letting Go

In this week’s message, Trey shared about the nature of the bait of Satan–and the consequences of refusing to let go of offense and how to get free from it. Forgiveness is key, and is the kingdom expectation, as Yeshua teaches us in Matthew 18.