Let us “delight” over Israel!

Let us “delight” over Israel!

May 14, 2022 – Let us “delight” over Israel!

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Our focus for the month of May is 🇮🇱 Israel 🇮🇱 – the “Land of milk and honey” …and shawarmas!

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Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, is celebrated on the fifth day of the month of Iyar (May 5, 2022). The original date corresponded to May 14, 1948.

Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli control after the Six-Day War (June 5-10, 1967), is celebrated on the twenty-eighth day of Iyar (May 28, 2022).

It will come to pass in the last days that the mountain of ADONAI’s House will stand firm as head of the mountains and will be exalted above the hills. So all nations will flow to it.

Isaiah 2:2 (TLV)

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the eyes of the Jewish people to be opened to their Messiah, Yeshua;
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (there has been much violence on the Temple Mount the last month and it continues);
  • Pray for a stable and righteous government in Israel;
  • Pray for the safety of the people of Israel and the security of Israel’s borders;
  • Pray for Aliyah (the return of the Jewish people to their land); and
  • Pray against anti-semitism, wherever it is found.


We are planning a Shawarma bar (a shawarma is a popular sandwich in Israel). B’rit will provide the meat.

What can you bring to add to the bar?

Shyara will have a sign up sheet at Shabbat Service on May 7th.